Best Reasons to Wear Jewellery...

For thousands of years people have adorned themselves with ornate jewellery, whether it was made from wood, bone, precious metals, beads, gemstones, or nowadays even safety pins (!). It is the feeling it gives you that makes statement jewellery so attractive.
  1. It can help to show off your own style and therefore your personality. You might be an extrovert and love to wear big bold statement pieces, or you might be a little more on the shy side and like to wear muted colours and minimalist jewellery.
  2. Unique jewellery can make even a plain outfit pop by adding a unique necklace, bracelet or pair of handmade statement earrings. You might just be wearing your usual Mum-Uniform of jeans and t shirt, but add something extra in the form of a pair of fabulous polymer clay earrings, and not only will you look super stylish, but you will feel so much more confident too.
  3. Earrings or jewellery can be lots of different colours, not only the classic metals like gold and silver. Every year or season you might really love a specific colour or colour palette and with modern earrings, you can wear your favourite colour and change it every day, whilst wearing pieces from your capsule wardrobe. There is so much I want to tell you about colour therapy, or colour psychology, but I will save that for later.
  4. Gemstones, crystals and precious metals can actually be good for your health. There are lots of healing and antiseptic properties found in metals like gold and silver. Gemstones and crystals also hold a very special and spiritual healing power for many. 
  5. Best of all, no matter how much chocolate you eat, your earrings will always fit. 

Please do browse our range of unique, handmade earrings and see which ones will make you feel your best.