Caring for your earrings

It is such a joy to receive new earrings or other pieces of jewellery. You have browsed the internet or spent ages at the market, chosen your favourite statement pieces and now you have them in your hands and they are gorgeous!

After this, it is important to look after them to keep them looking their best.

The earrings I make are either beaded or polymer clay, which is oven cured and varnished to protect it. Even though they are strong, they are still a delicate item with small components so when you are cleaning them you do you need to be gentle.

Here are my top tips: 

1. Wipe with a very soft slightly damp cloth to remove any fluff or make-up. You can use a little make-up remover to get any stubborn foundation off the pieces, but be careful because the pieces will have varnish and perhaps some glitters and shimmery finishes to them.

2. Take your earrings out before you shower or swim. 

3. Avoid perfume and hairspray getting on your earrings, as this may affect the varnish or finish on your pieces and make it tricky to clean. 

4. Every few months, wipe the metal hooks and little jump rings with a soft jewellery cloth to restore their shine, because they oxidise over time. You can purchase a handy cleaning kit here, containing a reusable jewellery wipe and polishing cloth, perfect to restore the shine and lustre to the metal parts of your jewellery.  

5. Store your earrings in a lidded jewellery box to minimise exposure to the air, so they tarnish less quickly. Store them carefully so they don't scratch each other. 

Follow these tips to ensure a long and happy life for your earrings.