My translucent polymer clay fail...

I spend a lot of time (maybe too much) scrolling Pinterest and Instagram, which gives me lots of inspiration to try new techniques with polymer clay. One of the techniques I was excited to try was translucent polymer clay. I had seen some lovely videos and couldn't wait to try it. I bought the translucent clay and the alcohol ink, ready to go.

I followed all the instructions on the tutuorial videos and they were looking great. I excitedly put the cut out pieces in the oven, whilst imagining all the beautiful earrings I was going to make. 

Well! When the oven timer beeped and I opened the oven, I was underwhelmed and disappointed to say the least. The alcohol ink had really just bled into the translucent clay and my gorgeous marbled effect was now just a sea of blue. 

I haven't had the enthusiasm to try it again, and have moved on to other techniques which I may have more success with.